DuinoMite On-Line Help Menu.

DuinoMite On-Line Help Menu.

A help Menu for the MaxiMite and DuinoMite, was spoken about for many months, but nothing was ever done about it until Bryan Cunnington decided to take it on as his very first major DuinoMite project.

Bryan was given advise and guidance mainly by Mick Gulovsen, plus a little help from me, and then Ken Segler integrated the system into the DuinoMite firmware.

The text files that needed to be gathered up, and aligned to suit the screen format, took Bryan many, many hours I know, however the results speak for themselves.

It has produced a knockout on-line help system, and one that can be readily updated, as it is simply text files that appear on the SD Card as B:\Help\*.txt

All files must be unzipped and placed into a help directory on the B: drive. It is that simple.

> files
Directory: \HELP
.                    <DIR>
..                   <DIR>
ABS.TXT                236
ASC.TXT                560
ASCII.TXT             2753
ATN.TXT                379
AUTO.TXT              1032
CHDIR.TXT              391
CHR.TXT                618
CINT.TXT               417
CIRCLE.TXT             632
CLEAR.TXT              446
CLOSE.TXT              363
CLS.TXT                136
CLS_CON.TXT            129
CONTINUE.TXT           412
COS.TXT                468
CWD.TXT                330


The files can be found at:

The current DuinoMite KSD forum thread can be found at:

As you will see, Trev has already  spend many days and nights, as he put it, updating these help files in the following ways:


* Added help for missing commands (eg DRIVE, STEP, RMDIR;)
* Added an ASCII table (ascii.txt);
* Updated help.txt;
* Updated setup.txt;
* Fixed typos;
* Replaced Word high-ASCII characters (eg "smart quotes" etc) with standard ascii;
* Fixed asterisks (should have been hashes);
* Added (tested) examples for almost every command, function etc;
* Fixed incorrect command definitions (eg SGN(), DO…WHILE…LOOP, DO…WHILE…UNTIL);
* Removed some MaxiMite specific content and references.

As "help" is simply displaying text files from the SD card, any loaded programs are not disturbed in any way.

As the SD card is usually measured in Gigabytes, this is an unlimited help system. Just keep adding help text, post-it notes, names, addresses, phone numbers, or whatever data you wish to save.



Bryan did this work initially, so that the MaxiMite and DuinoMite groups can both benefit, as this help system is all open source, however the MaxiMite firmware hasn't taken advantage of it yet. It is another one of those projects that it would be nice to see on both systems.

Below are a few simple screen dumps:

> help


> help "pause


> help "auto

Comments and feed back welcome.

Cheers Don…

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