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You want to join in the fun that users are experiencing with the MaxiMite computer, and be able to create hardware and software applications in minutes, and not hours or days, but the $90AUD for a kit, is far too high to even think about it.

How about an assembled and tested unit at about a third of that price?

There simply is no cheaper way of getting any MaxiMite up and running, unless you are building your own from scratch.

This product will have 15 GPIO pins compared to the normal 20 GPIO pins of a standard MaxiMite, but at a third of the price, you could actually have three talking to each other, and still have a lot more pins than a standard MaxiMite.

I believe that 85% of all home-brew hardware applications use 12 or less GPIO pins. See: for what can be achieved with a 15 pin DuinoMite running under MaxiMite MM-Basic.

I hear you say: "This board looks suspiciously like a DuinoMite-Mini". It should, as it is a DuinoMite-Mini.

Geoff Graham has been good enough to compile a DuinoMite version of his MM-Basic for the DuinoMite, with the 15 pin GPIO limitation.

All you need to do is to update the firmware version from the factory version, to the latest MMBasic version for the DuinoMite, and use the Silicon Chip serial drivers.

DuinoMite Firmware Update Guide:

Geoff Graham's MaxiMite Page (for all documentation, manuals etc.)
Geoff Graham's MaxiMite Download Page (for all files)

MaxiMite "The Back Shed" Support Forum:

All of these Dontronics DuinoMite Products can all be converted to 15 Pin MaxiMites:

All Dontronics MaxiMite-DuinoMite Products:

The original DuinoMite firmware still needs some work done on it before it can be considered stable.

It was initially designed to support the Arduino Shield footprint. The DuinoMite firmware uses the PIC32s internal peripherals for UART, SPI etc. and also adds a UEXT connector for another range of add-on peripherals.

If and when the DuinoMite firmware reaches a point where it covers your specific application, it is very easy to upgrade to the latest DuinoMite version, so you can test it as a DuinoMite. It is also very easy to roll back to make it a 15 Pin MaxiMite.

Please Note:

The DuinoMite uses the PIC32s internal peripherals for UART, SPI etc.

By setting this product up as a MaxiMite, you will lose the DuinoMite features, such as the software drivers that support the Olimex UEXT connector, and the real UARTs, as all of your UARTs will be bit banged in MaxiMite Mode.


The above table was provided by: Andrew Rich VK4TEC


MaxiMite "The Back Shed" Support Forum:

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A DuinoMite specific support Forum is also available at Ken Segler Designs.

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