Maximite EV (SMD)

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The Maximite Computer. Embedded Version.
Fully Assembled

This version has no keyboard connector, and no VGA connector. It is designed as an end product for applications developed on the Maximite Computer.

It is called the EV (embedded version)
It is just the standard circuit minus the keyboard and video footprints.
It uses a  microSD card.
(There is no 'write protect' pin on the micro SD, so this signal is just connected the the Card detect CD line).
66mm x 68mm

Note **** This price includes a 26 Pin Female to Female IDC 10cm cable:



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2 Responses to Maximite EV (SMD)

  1. Wayne says:

    These small boards are nearly small enough to have 2 of them in the original case. Imagine the first dual core Maximite! When can you post some pictures?

    • Don McKenzie says:

      Hi Wayne,
      I hope to have the first of them in about a week
      Cheers Don…