Maximite Input Output (I/O) Applications Boards Poll.

Maximite Input Output (I/O) Applications Boards Poll.

This time I have called them boards, as opposed to the other poll names, so we can easily distinguish between polls.

Again, You can vote as many times as you choose on any answer, on any or all items.

This poll is really market research to find out what users want.
The first 2 boards, are boards that we almost have ready to go,
however we still need to develop an RS-485 master for Maximite.


The poll will sort the answers into a priority level from highest to lowest.

If you find any silly errors, or would like to add a choice,
please let me know by sending me an email, or asking in the thread on the forum.

Forum thread is at:

And with this poll, it is up to users to add boards, otherwise I am just advertising Dontronics products.

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