Maximite I/O R/A Male Header Pinout Correction Table.

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Right click on the corrected table below, select view image, and you can print it out in colour.

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2 Responses to Maximite I/O R/A Male Header Pinout Correction Table.

  1. Frederik Wentzel says:

    Header pinout correction table:

    I appreciate the fact that you point out the unconventional pin-out, and I believe you when you say it is, in terms of IDC specifications, incorrect.
    However you are confusing beginners like me.
    I have just built my Maximite (from Altronics) and the “incorrect” table is EXACTLY what I get.
    I attached a ribbon cable and flashed via software every single pin and it corresponds with the “incorrect” table. My ribbon cable has red as pin 1.

    What you imply with your “corrected” table is confusing:
    some people (like me) would think that you imply that this is an “errata” and that the “corrected” table is the “correct” one. This is not the case.
    I cannot see how your “corrected” table is relevant to users of the Silicon Chip/Altronics board unless the PC board layout is changed to correspond with it.
    (Apart from pointing out that it does not follow the rules).

    I am NOT trying to be critical, I am just pointing out that this is confusing or misleading. It will help if you can clarify your web-page.


  2. Don McKenzie says:

    Hi Frederik,

    The designer used the incorrect footprint on the original artwork and has since corrected it. Pin 1 was the wrong end.

    For additional information, please read the user manual for the correction, and join the user group.

    The schematic is now corrected and complies with normal IDC pinouts.

    Cheers Don…