MaxiMite V3.0 Current Bugs.

MaxiMite V3.0 Current Bugs.
This is a list of bugs and issues known to exist in the current
version of MMBasic.


- A bug prevents the full screen editor from running when the
video is set to composite (either PAL and NTSC).

- If you use a label or a line number in the SETPIN command you
will get an error. This means that you cannot set an interrupt
on a pin change.

- If you have an odd number of blank lines before a NEXT, ENDIF
DATA, WHILE or WEND statement you will get an error message.

- The space character in FONT #3 does not display.

- You are allowed to enter characters beyond the right hand edge
of the full screen editor with confusing results.

- The AUTO command will overwrite a line even if a blank line
was entered.

The above bugs are serious enough that I will produce an interim
release (3.0A). It should be ready by the second week January 2012.


This type of information is posted only on the Geoff Graham pages now, and no forum is notified.

Cheers Don…

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